Mortice Locks includes Mortice Sashlocks and Mortice Deadlocks

Within this section you will find British standard 5 lever mortice sashlocks and deadlocks,we have a range of horizontal mortice sashlocks and also bathroom locks as well as standard 3 and 5 lever mortice locks.

Please see our guide to mortice locks for the different types and options of security.

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Sashlocks are a mortice lock which combine a latch(operated by a pair of door levers/knobs)to open close the door and a deadbolt which can be locked/unlocked by key from either side.

Deadlocks are a key operated only and feature a deadbolt which throws into keep or strikeplate on the door frame to secure the door.

Please see Wc Thumbturns for products to use with Bathroom Mortice Locks.